Mediums [Channeling] and Intuitive Practice

Compilations from the transcripts of the original Michael Teachings group.

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In the work of the original Michael group there are a number of terms that more modern students are not particularly familiar with. For one, intuitives working with information from higher planes were referred to as “mediums.” This designation would fall out of favor when a distinction was made between “spiritualism” and “New Age” practices and “channel” would replace it.

Still, the line is fuzzy and the terms overlap. For the original group the word used was “medium.” Due to the fact that the core group was composed of dedicated students of the path many questions would come up about the details of how mediums functioned. Michael described their view of the nature of the medium:

  • [snip] To us, a medium is merely a captive way-station through which certain truths can be brought to bear. This must naturally involve some training, and much intelligence, if facts concerning the physical universe are to be brought to bear. For instance, the necessary vocabulary must be available in order to translate the material. As the [source] entity becomes progressively evolved, and the learning process more refined, the choice of mediums and the information transmitted becomes more refined also.   [09/17/1974]
  • [snip]… yes, there are many Entities on this [mid Causal] plane who are working with groups and with single souls, on this and many near worlds. You are not unique in this and you are quite right, the individual bias through which we come [mediumship] does distort the words somewhat, in some cases, beyond verification. We choose [mediums] on the basis of desire and ability to serve as a transmitter. This does not always prove successful, and the only positive feature arising from this is that the resulting distortions are readily discerned and discarded. Those who perpetrate them are quite quickly branded as “crackpots” and forgotten. Those who make the most unbiased transmitter-receivers are those with the most Neutral Overleaves. Unfortunately, these are also the ones who normally resist their intuition the longest and sometimes never span the chasm.   [11/20/1974]


The connections of mediumship have many sources; from the Higher Self to Michael to even higher planes. From the earliest records of the group they were in contact with an Astral entity named “Tomas:”

E____:  How can we be sure who we’re talking to?

  • We are also limited in trying to communicate at times. Another misspells Tomas [on the Ouija board] and the only way to verify it is Tomas is to be in touch with the inner self. It does not matter if it is I. The information from others is reliable. I am emphasizing this; when asking a question through a medium and then asking the same question through another, verify the presence of another entity both times in order to avoid confusion. Make sure it is the same entity each time for true verification. The fact of Tomas or another does not matter. It does not have to be I. As long as it is the same at the time of both questions.    [07/17/73 Tomas]

Notice the emphasis on verification (or validation of the source) as requiring one “to be in touch with the inner self.” This brings forward the more intimate relationship with the Higher Self, and that there are two stages of contact: mediumship and full release. There is a distinction between the concentration required to be a medium, which allows the higher self access to speak through an individual – and the fully conscious call on the higher self in dialogue:

R____:  I thought you were coming through K____ [his daughter]. How can the information be coming though her higher self? Do we have all information available through our higher selves?

  • That is a generalization and close. All information is available to you through the higher plane. This contact with the higher self is a connection with information [on a higher plane].

R_____:  How is K____ releasing her higher self as a medium?

  • In acting as a medium you release the higher self — as she was in a higher state of relaxation, and allowing the self to come through. Until the release of the higher self can be achieved, acting as a medium will allow the higher self to speak, as you cannot call on the higher self yet. Acting as a medium, you do call out the higher self, and it answers. The essence of the human body is in the diaphragm area in the stomach, and that is why the feeling. An emotional reaction can be felt there.   [07/17/1973 Tomas]


There were many novices working as mediums in the early group and they were noticing the physical effects of the work:

A____:  Is there some way we could help relieve the discomfort that our mediums feel?

  • First of all, this is Tomas. The medium or receiver is discomforted as it is a new experience so totally different from the human term normal. It causes internal quivering. When they learn to catch their energies they will not be depleted. The loss of energies is from their own internal worry and after acceptance of this new normal the energies will not deplete.    [07/17/1973 Tomas]


Michael discusses the different types of mediums and also, the nature of the group. This aspect of group work is pretty well lost in the Yarbro books:

J____:  Okay, and how long has the Ouija been used, and what other means of communication are possible?

  • We have communicated this way [Ouija board] for approximately one hundred years. We communicate directly with all those students who have mastered the skill of Astral travel. We are willing to use hypnosis for induction of trances, but transmediums who can go into trances spontaneously are easier to work with. There are different kinds of mediums.

B____:  Can Michael tell us where other groups are located, and are working with them? Would it be worthwhile to contact other groups in contact with Michael?

E____:  They won’t give that to you. I don’t think they will because it isn’t necessary.

  • E____ is right, we won’t. Actually, yours is the only organized group void of sufficient bias for us so transmit to. There are other students, either in very small groups of two or three individuals, or single souls in search. [snip]    [12/13/1973]


The nature of psychic energy, the importance of Balance which leads to intuition and Essence expression, and mediums:

  • Psychic energy is the energy generated by the essence. It is naturally a more refined energy than that generated by the internal centers of emotion, intellect, instinctive and moving functions. This energy is independent of the others.   [11/29/1973]
  • [snip] Intuition is the primary reasoning power of Essence.   [07/27/1973]
  • [snip] You must be able to see intellectually, feel emotionally and act with moving center almost instantly in order to be working out of Essence through intuition.   [12/16/1973, see also “Balanced Centers”]

E____:  I would like comments on energies used by various energy Centers.

  • All of this energy is psychic energy. Imagine a superconductor with many terminals, each representing a different power drain. If one of these users or consumers is utilizing massive amounts of power, there will be a corresponding loss in the other areas, occasionally even short circuits and blown fuses. The power that energizes the psyche is all the same type, or rather, the same grade of electromagnetic radiation. There is no refinement from one center to the other until the powers of transmutation become yours to utilize; then this energy becomes centralized — channeled, so to speak. When we speak of harmonious balance, we refer to that state in which this concentration is reached. And this also goes for the release of specific amounts of energy. Emotionally centered mediums have an easy time with manifestations, and also become excellent transport mediums. This medium (SC) is not Emotionally Centered, and is not in touch with the release mechanism that would enable, or at least enhance, the manifestation. Astral entities can manifest without any assistance, we cannot. We must borrow the energy from one of you, and we cannot do this against your will. We wish to remind you that there are two very specific types of reactions: implosion and explosion; also, two specific charges in polarization: negative and positive. A great deal of the energy utilized by the lower centers in life situations are implosion reactions with negative charges. Controlled reactions of this type do not ever become as spectacular as their antitheses [the Higher Centers, positively charged explosive reaction].   [12/27/1973]


Comment:  Soleal is very psychic.

  • Soleal is also a seeker. He is a beautiful being.

Question:  Please comment on Tomas.

  • The entities on that [Astral] plane are learning. Also, there is a tendency toward spiritual ennui that is pervasive. The teaching will only be as dynamic as the students permit it to be.  Soleal feels the rapport.   Powerful mediums manifest power.   [08/17/1973]


Some of the earliest intuitive work as a medium can be making contact with one’s own entity:

E_____:  When I communicate with [the] Fragments [of my entity], how will I perceive them?

  • The information will at first appear to be dreaming. Then you may wish to transfer this over to the waking state and just be aware of the larger part of yourself, which is the essence of the Old Soul’s perception.

E_____:  Intuitive thoughts?

  • More than that. Even as loud as a voice sound that only you can hear.

E_____:  How do I recognize it?

  • An intuitive feeling of affinity of an extension of self. It will be far more in tune with your innermost thoughts than even we are at times.  [06/16/1974]


R____:  L____ apparently communicates with Tomas, who is a part of her Entity. I just wonder if, through meditation, each of us could contact the reunited Fragments of our Entities.

  • We are nameless, but yes, you could communicate.

R_____:  If I were to try to contact my Entity, what would I meditate on?

  • You would concentrate on your entity.

A_____:  Well, what would you concentrate on?

  • Think of the free-floating Essence, devoid of maya.  [10/20/1973]


Many students asked how to channel Michael specifically:

C____:  How can I be with Michael?

  • We will tell you what we have told all of the others. We can be with you at all times during meditation or concentration. You may wish to use the alphabet board or the auto[matic] writing in the beginning, but this is not at all necessary. When you express a wish to hear our words, we are with you from that point on. Intuition being the manifestation of the higher self, we can think of no better advice than to follow your intuition in this communication as in all things. In the beginning, it is often necessary to separate yourself from others to establish the bond [with us].    [07/14/1974]


There were many instances of medium bias that the teacher pointed out:

S____:  Who is manifesting through RF?

  • A mid Causal teacher.

E____:  Is this material that I have then, from this mid Causal teacher, of value?

  • That which is without R____’s bias. The manifestation can be partially or wholly blocked by a medium unwilling to apprehend certain facts.   [09/27/1973]


[snip from an unrelated question:]

  • Secondly, we did not err in our description of C___’s Role, Sarah did. When the medium through whom we are transmitting is fatigued, contradictions occur. C____ is a Priest. This can be difficult, we understand. However, we suggest that you prepare your questions. This would eliminate the last-minute spurt.    [11/01/1973]


B____:  I get some different information from BB___. What is the reason?

  • The differences must be attributed to the individual mediums, in ability to reconcile certain bits of information, and successful blocking. Your method of confirming and verifying should successfully overcome what little bias exists here.    [01/22/1974]


(There was much discussion on Sarah’s reluctance to answer (Michael through the Ouija board) the apparent contradictions.)

  • The process of becoming a trance medium or a suitable transmitter cannot be accomplished in one session, or even in what you consider many sessions. This process, like all other processes in this teaching, requires work, practice and a high level of trust between the teacher and the student. Also, one must remember that in the beginning there is a tremendous emotional response to the awakening communication. Often, this is intensified by the student’s Overleaves.  In many, there is a natural flair for drama. For instance, this group has had experience with this and has been repulsed. This medium has a desire to soft-pedal all things because of the construct of the Overleaves. Other mediums have a desire to “gild the lily,” and the stripping away of these tendencies takes patience and time. [snip]   [11/12/1974]


M____:  I would like to ask about the direction I am going and the entities I have contacted.

  • This is Good Work for you if you do not attach too much bias of your own to the information. It would be helpful to work with another as a safety valve. M____, you have an exotic imagination and this could throw you in hot water.     [11/1/1973]


RC____:  Is “False Personality” and “Maya” the same?

  • H____ is challenged by the glamor of the diversified belief systems, and is only able to differentiate because of higher teachers who are available. We do not prevent the dissemination of valid information from the Astral Plane, but this is monitored carefully, and attempts are made to invalidate false data. Sometimes this is not possible, primarily because of the right belief systems of the medium involved. This is why we always attempt to work with older [soul] mediums. Their convictions tend to float more easily, and it is possible to sneak past their bias.   [12/20/1973]


J____ asked about [a book he had read]. The source of the book is mysterious. Can Michael comment on the source, and on the quality of the information? What is the motive?

  • First, a word about [the author] E____. This is a Sixth Level Mature Priest in Growth, in the Observation mode, a Realist in the Emotional part of Intellectual Center. As to the source, it is yes, Astral, but the emphasis on the monetary aspect comes not from the source but from the medium. The source, as in most cases, is composed of the united Fragments of the man E____’s Entity. This man possesses a high level of tap-able psychic energy; [and he] is well aware of the intuitive knowledge. The acumen is nothing that we would quarrel with, but is in no way mystical and cannot be construed as a guarantee.

J____ asked if E____’s source was good to contact, or consult.

  • It is doubtful that this mature source would facilitate this, but the source is not doing bad work. It is sometimes not easy to contact the Fragments of another’s Entity, as there is no affinity through the man E____. The information will be generally good.

J____ told us about a man who came to California from Illinois, D____, who is a psychic. He has a benefactor, who wants to expose him to the people. He gave J____ a reading, and felt the information was embellished by his personality.

  • We would have to say that this man’s Chief Feature stands in the way of any communication with other than his own subconscious storehouse of knowledge. However, this being a Mature Soul has quite a storehouse and does have much tap-able psychic energy of an intuitive nature. He will, for the most, tell you what you wish to know and many times this can accelerate a wise, spontaneous move; but as for actually seeing the open alternatives, we would have to say that he does not.    [01/31/1975]


Michael discussed the nature of transmediums (trance) and advanced abilities, such as telepathy:

[We] would like Michael’s comment [on this situation].

  • The lady E____ and the man T____ have, of course, all of the necessary prerequisites for becoming excellent trance mediums, but more importantly, they also have within their grasp telepathy. This does cause a tremendous shock wave the first time it occurs. You are quite right: we cannot come into your space unless you allow it — you must be willing — but the personality does not always give the same permission that the essence does. This can cause the most astounding reactions. However, at this point we wish to reiterate a previously stressed point. There are no “evil” spirits in the universe with sufficient power to affect manifestation. There are some very superficial spirits inhabiting the low and mid Astral planes, but they do not have this ability. The energy force of the universe is neutral, and simply flows. Psychic energy in the hands of such as the man Thaddeus is a very positive source. He is right. He can draw at will, but does not do this indiscriminately. He uses the discretion that we would wish. We would see both of these people develop these talents — or truly “senses” — to their fullest extent, even to allowing us access. You see, in your culture, power is often read as Aggression, or worse yet, “evil.” Yes, we are strong — this is not to be denied — but this is benevolent strength and cannot be used against you. Negative energy must be generated singly by the false personality and only rarely can it be coordinated and used in a material way for destructive purposes. More often than not, it is simply expended in the moment. This, of course, can result in an act of violence, but usually does not. The lady E____ is still unsure that she does indeed wish this experience, but we are patient. Please do not delude yourselves that we are present only at your business sessions and not your social excursions. This would accomplish little and expend much. Now, the man T____ remembered something quite significant when he saw the lady again, for she was wearing the same gown she wore when he first saw her in Atlantis.

T____ wanted advice on furthering his telepathic powers, moving toward trance mediumship.

  • T_____, you must first remember that this telepathic sense is a two-way street, at least until you are quite strong and confident, so practice with one with whom the trust level is very high will produce the best results. Those who are not willing, or are hiding, will give superficial permission, but at the last moment will deny access to all but the most superficial strata. For the development of this sense, meditation of some form is imperative. Until you go into this deep space, you cannot quiet the head enough to hear. This is, of course, why we still stress this with you all, but as we have said before, we are patient. You can begin working with those around you, with whom you have established the trust level. Meditating together would be effective. You need not be in the same room.

There was a question about the new Carlos Casteneda / Don Juan book, concerning the two concepts, “Nagual” and “Tonal”: could we have the meanings of these, and clarification?

  • R____, you can use as analogous to “Warriors” — the balanced man, to a man with Don Juan’s frame of reference. This is a natural term — another problem of semantics to scale [surmount]. This man, of course, grew up with “the lord of the dawn” legend, and this was the frame of reference necessary to communicate with you, as all of you have grown within other frames of reference. We are not leading you to any disintegration, but there is indeed a danger of this, if you do let go of the life force before learning to harness the more universal force, but these energies are those utilized by the personality and the essence. They are also the physical expression and the spiritual expression respectively. The reason it is not clear is perhaps that we have not stressed these analogies enough. Many of you came with a built-in vocabulary [Gurdjieff’s] and rather than introduce more words, we choose to use these. As we go on, we will have to enlarge upon these.
  • The spiritual expression of the essence is, of course, quite powerful and taps into the universal flow. The physical expression of the personality, which sustains the body, is in comparison quite weak, and can be overpowered and the body killed, if one is not careful. Yes, it can be harnessed and used effectively. The best check point we know of is the fact that the student not ready to harness this is seldom willing to use the time necessary to produce good result at will. It takes someone close to balance to accept the discipline necessary to effectively use these senses. When we tell a student that he is capable, that does not always mean that that student is either willing or ready — just capable. The man ____ has at the moment an excellent start, and if he is willing to accept the discipline, he can do this without any problems. Those who tap into the spiritual expression, letting go of the physical expression without the conditioning, often go “mad,” or die.

R____:   What are the differences between the “intuitive” and “telepathic” senses?

  • Actually, there is as much difference in them, and of a similar nature, as between sight and hearing. The telepath hears and the intuitive person sees, but in a far more developed sense.

RC___:   Is the primary frequency for the group the third harmonic of 17 cycle spike wave?

  • You need to try this, RC____. There is much static in this group, owing to the different levels as students. This would work for the group on the most part.

E____:  I have the same question as T____ regarding the development of my telepathy.

  • The answer is the same. There is no other way to develop this sense. As for the trance mediumship, we are always available for this.  [10/29/1974]


Finally, a very interesting episode with Sarah Chambers bringing through another entity. This leads to Michael describing their relationship with their student cadre.

JB___ told us about a manuscript which was given to her about a year ago. This manuscript was the result of ten years of Ouiji board work communication by a woman named S____, with an entity named Otto. JB___ read the manuscript and reviewed it, and lead S____ to a writer, D____.  JB___ asked about the validity of Otto, and Etta, who is the female personification of the entity. D____ (the writer/editor) and S____ have a difficult relationship, and JB___ asked if they should continue their work together on the manuscript, or discontinue their relationship completely. She also asked if Otto or Etta could come through Sarah.

  • Ah, yes, the wheels of karma will turn. First, let us preface the answer by saying that the collaboration will continue in spite of what you might do, until the ribbon has burned. The information, if put into some readable form, is good work. This is a low Causal teacher, all one Entity, which for some reason this student wishes to split and divide into genders, but that is beside the point. As to the possibility of contact through this medium, that is up to her own receptivity and blocking mechanism. The only essential difference between Entities on the low Causal plane and Entities on the mid-Causal plane is the time and experience. In other words, where this Entity [Michael] monitors large numbers of students and on many physical planets, the low Causal bodies work largely with small groups of students or with widely dispersed individuals. It was this Entity’s [Michael’s] choice to work with this Cadre largely because there are seven large entities and five smaller ones coming together here, and this will result in many students, all of whom are being monitored at the present time. This cadre is one of the larger ones now coming together in the Western world.

J____asked how could Otto and Etta come through Sarah? Could we have direction through Sarah for D____ and S____?

(Sarah felt a definite energy change when this information (next) came through.)

  • Much groundwork must be done by these two before the abrasiveness of the relationship can be overcome. This is in part brought about by the nature of the debt incurred here, and can be overcome. This is in part brought about by the nature of the debt incurred here, and the way that was chosen for payment. The direction can take the form of individual …. [sic] The feeling here now is that of an incomplete gestalt and this is certainly not unusual. In karmic ties, this causes the participants to continue with the script. It is no accident, of course, that you have been dropped into the middle of this, as you agreed upon this Sequence. Your own choice of therapeutic approach could be the most rewarding challenge thus far encountered, as it would have to be the most unconventional one you have ever employed. The role of observer will be the best choice by far, and the continuing offering of insights. Both are able to look at their Overleaves and choose to alter them into workable ones, but the vocabulary and the groundwork is simply not there for the expression and grasping of the teaching in the same intellectual fashion that is being given to these students here. In this case, the preliminary concepts must be expressed, and this in a sense will make the eventual reading more valuable to beginners on the path. One does not have to see the Logos in terms of the synthesis that you have received, in order to see it.

JB____ asked who the source was of the above.

(Sarah felt again the Michael source.)

  • We should congratulate all here present on allowing that most difficult manifestation to continue, and this medium to overcome a small block, but that is not to be construed as a great step forward. The theorizing in this room is valid in that many mediums assign the gender to sources on the basis of what they perceive to be the qualities of that gender. The source is one, with both wisdom and humor at its disposal. We would hope that by this time, this cadre will no longer regard this Entity [Michael] as absolutely sober.


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